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Wine Decanter with Ice Pocket

Wine Decanter with Ice Pocket (gd0023)


A Seriously Cool Wine Decanter

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Capacity: 170cl (to brim)
Height: 22.5 cm (to bottom of slant)
Diameter: 18.0cm

This wine decanter features its own seperate ice compartment to keep your white and rosé wines chilled to perfection.

The integfated ice compartment is self contained, providing rapid and long-term cooling of your wine. Unlike with traditional ice buckets, as the ice is contained, no moisture will find its way on to your table affording a far better way for presenting the wine during a meal instead of just a bottle.

Ideally suited to white and rosé wines, it may also be used with light red wines that may benefit from light chilling e.g. Beaujolais. It may also be used as a red wine decanter without the use of ice. Its stopper is made with natural cork.

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