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ISO 21.5cl Wine Tasting Glass

Box of 6 x 21.5 cl ISO Wine Tasting Glasses (gd3201a)


21.5cl ISO Wine Tasting Glasses x 6

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Volume: 21.5cl
Height: 156mm
Diameter: 65mm

This product is also available in chic, black glass

This is the standard sized wine glass and is perfect for all wine tasting events. Suitable for red, white and sparkling wines as well as fortified and distilled - the all round ISO standard tasting glass.

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Wine, Champagne and Port should always be served in an appropriate glass if it is to reveal the delicate nuances and characteristics that each has to offer.

Our ISO wine tasting glasses are purpose-made to be used across a wide spectrum of wine styles - allowing you to sample all wines using just the one glass.

The perfect clear bowl allows the true colour to shine through; the long stems prevent your hand warming the wine, and the tapered tops help to concentrate the aromas. Our ISO tasting glasses are crafted by Luigi Bormioli as part of his 'Light & Music' collection.

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