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The Wines of Bergerac by Philip Hargreaves

The Wines of Bergerac by Philip Hargreaves (ber)

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A Brilliant Wine Guide...

Authors: Philip Hargreaves
ISBN : 978-1-902645-51-3 / RRP : £12.95

Not since the Hundred Years War have the British descended on the Dordogne in such numbers. Thankfully there is not so much rape and pillage these days and what raids there are take place in four-by-fours rather than on horseback..

However, there is still booty to be plundered in the shape of pâté and confit, truffles and walnuts, not to mention the wines of the region. The 13 appellations of the Bergerac area offer a whole range of tastes from the reds of Pécharmant and Montravel to the rich pickings of Monbazillac and Saussignac.

We hope this guide will help you discover the charming wines and equally charming people of the Dordogne, their passion to create the best possible wines from their terroir and the warmth of their welcome, a far cry from those less hospitable times in the fourteenth century.

This extensive, 159 page book by Phil Hargeaves covers the wines of Bergerac, France and features a producer on each page, detailing such aspects as: Winemaker; Address; Contact Details; Directions; Appellations; Vineyards; Terroir; Viticulture; Vinification; History; Comments and Tour Visits...

More than enough to plan a tour of the area and discover the delights of the historic Bergerac wine region.

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