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Clef du Vin


Measuring Wine Ageing Potential

Clef du Vine

The unique and exceptional Clef du Vin is essentially a measuring instrument that will immediately tell you if your wines are suitable for laying down. Thus revealing their ageing potential. In a controlled way, it will gradually modify the organoleptic qualities of the wine (taste, smell, flavours and bouquet). It will not age the wine.

The Clef du Vin has been carefully calibrated so that one second of contact in a glass of 10 cl. (or a bottle of 75 cl. using the corresponding key) will display the potential lay down time of one year. Effective on all types of wine (red, rosé, white, dry, mellow, sweet, fortified or sparkling). The Clef du Vin is in fact an informative measuring instrument.

You will have the advantage of being able to appreciate a young wine right away that otherwise would have needed 5 to 10 years to mature.
The Clef du Vin softens the structure of the wine and speeds up the aromatic development of its flavour. One could say that the wine is opened up with the key.

Available as follows:

Clef du Vin Pocket Model
Clef du Vin Service Model
Clef du Vin 3 piece set

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