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Latest wines from South Africa


Funny how things seem to all arrive at the same time. After several months of searching for replacements to McGregor, Groot Eikenbosch, Vriesenhof and Bouwland we have finally tracked down 2 excelelnt vieyards in South Africa.

Mischa Estate (Wellington, South Africa) is a relatively small estate producing some top quality wines. Their Shiraz blew us all away on first tasting. Big spicy fruits mingle on the palate and create a truly lip-smacking wine. South African Shiraz often receives bad press but is really misunderstood. It is not the same wine as those from Australia or indeed the Syrah’s from the Rhone Valley. South African Shiraz is mix of these two styles – having the fruit of the Australians but the depth and complexity of the French.

Check out the Mischa Estate wines and see what you think and let us know?

Hot on the arrival of the Mischa wines are the range from Franschhoek Vineyards in the Franschhoek Valley of South Africa. We are listing their Forge Mill range of wines as the embodiment of quality and excellent value for money.

Prices start at just £5.50 for the typically grassy Forge Mill Chenin Blanc – a true summer wine with light and fresh fruits and enough money in your pocket for an ice-cream … assuming you can run to the ice-cream van when you hear it’s melodic tunes piercing the quiet afternoons!

The Forge Mill Pinotage is our favourite with quite a softness coming from its time in contact with the Frenck oak

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