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Thirsty Work


Blimey how hot is it? The new offices are the height of luxury compared to the old Oak Street set-up but under the steel roof with windows that open a few inches (to stop the neer-do-wells getting through) it is like the black hole of Calcutta at the moment!

Throughout this brief heat-wave have rediscovered the delights of Hildon Water. Fantastic stuff … and British to boot. Particularly partial to the blue label (still) as it does not have the salty aftertaste as some of its foreign pretenders. Problem is getting enough stock into the fridge to keep a days supply.

Wine sales during the recent hot weather has seen a marked shift towards white wines and especially Sauvignon Blanc. Loire has been holding its own corner in the fight very well especially at the cheaper end of the market with New Zealand punching above its weight in the £10.00 plus price range. The chilled gooseberry flavours striking a distinct note with us sun-kissed Brits.

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