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Champagne Lallier with Fish and Chips


Recent upheavals in house moving has seen chaotic scenes with items piled high and low in every room including the kitchen. After a days heavy lifting of furniture, stacking and unpacking it was decided fish & chips from the high street was the order of the day.

Unfortunately the only bottle of alcohol to hand (the rest were put in the cellar to make way for kitchenware) was a bottle of Champagne Lallier. Tiredness and a devil-may-care attitude we opened the bottle. Pure joy even though it was not quite cold enough. The tingle of the bubbles combined with the chips made for a great combination… although severe hunger may have contributed to this euphoria!

This got me thinking about other unsual combinations of wine and food that breaks the accepted tradition. If anyone has discovered a bizarre combination of food and wine that simply works please let me know via email.

Details of Champagne Lallier

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