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The finest white wines on the planet.

highfield new zealand sauvignon blanc wine

Some years ago we identified the need for new wines to come onto the uk scene, as people were tiring with the fruitiness of German Riesling ( unjustly so in my opinion) and so we began the search for new and exciting white wines with zip and acidity to contrast with our Chardonnay range from France and Australia particularly.

The answer lay in New Zealand, a cool climate New World country with a new and innovative wine industry based predominantly in the South Island, particularly around the town of Blenheim.

Cloudy Bay had long been sought after as a boutique label synonymous with great fruit and quality but had become extremely difficult to purchase.

In the Highfield Estate Barrels and Bottles found an exclusive partner with which to work in the UK, with a licence to sell their wines exclusively in the UK Ireland and Scandinavia.

The philosophy of Highfield is very simple. Grow the best grapes, employ the best winemaking staff and work with the best wine merchants around the world with small quantities of very good product. In the Highfield range are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Riesling for whites, Pinot Noir for red and a cracking sparkling wine made with 50% pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay.

Working as an agent Barrels and Bottles can ensure that the wines are only sold in the right stores and restaurants to maximize the profile of the brand. All wine merchants that are appointed to handle their region make a commitment to the quality of their customer service and that the brand will not be price cut to devalue its position in the market.

After 4 years of success in the worldwide wine competitions, Highfield has established itself as a sought after brand with elegant wine making and contemporary packaging, a stream of Gold medals in Sydney, Hong Kong and Auckland along with a loyal following of fans.

As consumer tastes alter, we continue to search for new and exciting brands to work with, a search that can take us all over the world, but we hope to find just one more jewel to add to the range, which will sparkle as much as Highfield Estate, Marlborough New Zealand which has become our number one brand.

An article fo City Business Magazine, February 2007

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