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Casa Silva Wines, Chile

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Emilio Bouchon arrived from Bordeaux to Chile in 1892, a pioneer of Colchagua Valley and responsible for the planting of high quality vineyards. Some of the vines which still remain in production date back to 1912.

The building of the oldest and most traditional cellar of Colchagua Valley was underway. Grapes of excellent quality were produced for vinification in the cellar and sold on to other exporting companies. The second and third generations of the family, headed up respectively by Abel Bouchon and Jorge Silva (married to Maruja Bouchon), also left their marks.

As the years went by, both the vineyards and the cellar were divided between different family members some of whom sold on their shares.

In 1977, Mario Silva Cifuentes, who had married María Teresa Silva Bouchon, started working the land at Angostura and thus became the fourth generation of the family. Most of the sold off land and parts of the cellar were bought back and, with heart and soul, launched himself into his lifelong dream. New plantings were established and he himself produced wine to other exporting companies. He was widely considered innovative as well as visionary and was of course largely responsible for bringing the company back together again.

At the beginning of 1997, Mario Pablo Silva made a proposal to his father. It was that he transform his bulk business into a prestige bottling company for export, bearing the family’s own brand. Mario Silva accepted his son’s challenge and the transformation was underway. Casa Silva was created. Presently Mario Pablo’s brothers, Francisco and Gonzalo, joined the project. The beginnings of a wonderful family team were forged. In a short space of time Viña Casa Silva has become widely recognised as one of the most significant producers of premium wine from Chile. It has won important national and international recognitions and over the last few years has been amongst the most highly awarded Chilean wineries.

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