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Celebrity Chefs Photo Shoot

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Yesterday saw the arrival of celebrity Chefs arriving for photo session for our soon-to-be-released food and wine book.

Ralph Porciani, Turnberry Hotel and Resort Ayrshire
Andrew Bennett, Park Lane Sheraton
Mark Johnson, Park Hotel Kenmare and Samas Spa Ireland
Mick Burke, Sheffield College
Robert Latimer, Latimers Shellfish Deli

All the chefs have a chapter each as guests chefs in the forthcoming wine matching cookbook, due for release in June. The book concentrates on menus using very fresh local produce and explains the method of food and wine matching called the triangle method, invented by Andrew Coghlan. Dishes included some beautiful Turnberry Langoustines on a nicoise salad, Denham Venison Cutlets and a collection of Rhubarb.

Chef Mark Johnson of the Park hotel showed his new spa cooking to the full, with light exquisite flavours but less calorific values. Watermelon and Fresh Castletownberehaven Crab was just one of his bursting with flavour dishes.

Ralph Porciani concentrated on strong Ayrshire flavours and textures, highlighting the terrific produce of the region and Andrew Bennett worked his classical masterpieces with Mick Burke assisting on the passion fruit ensemble.

Robert Latimer hovered with his platters of locally caught Crab, Lobster and some not so local huge King Prawns weighing in at up to 600grams.

As dishes were prepared and tasted, Andrew Coghlan discussed wine options with each of the Chefs using his triangle method which balances fruit, acidity and tannin flavours, placing the wine flavour as a harmony to the dish.

“There was some great cooking today” announced Ralph, sneaking a wee glass of the 1990 Chateau Lascombes Margaux, which had been unanimously chosen as the perfect partner for Marks Irish Lamb dish.

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