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Digital Cellar Thermometers

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Storing your wines can be fraught with danger. Keeping your precious bottles at the correct temperature is vital to ensure they mature correctly and drink at their very best. If bottles are stored too cold or too warm the wine can precipitate and separate leaving a cloudy liquid and lots of sediment. Not nice.

With fluctuating temperatures between months of the year and even times of the day keeping track is vital. Our new range of digital cellar thermometers (and hygrometers) have been introduced due to massive demand for monitoring wines in storage.

Digital monitoring allows the maximum and minimum temperatures to be monitored to establish variations being experienced. Some models even feature data logging capabilities which can be downloaded to a computer for expert analysis.

Most of our cellar thermometers also feature an hygrometer (to monitor the relative humidity of the atmosphere) and a clock. For the uber-lazy some units are even linked to an atomic clock to ensure the correct time .. anywhere in Europe. Perfect for mobile wine cellars!

Wireless thermometers even allow you to keep a close eye on your wine collection from the comfort of your front room. No need to miss your favourite TV show or risk venturing into the darkness of your cellar.

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