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Wine Cellar Management

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Following the very heavy rain in June and July we have seen a huge uptake on our wine cellar monitoring equipment, particularly our digital stations. It has become very obvious a lot of people with underground storage are keen to ensure conditions remain stable and within acceptable tolerances.

Increases in moisture can lead to increased humidity which can directly affect your precious wine cellar. Quite often if it “feels” too damp the damage has probably already started. By keeping a close check on both temperature and humidity you have a better chance of preventing your collection from spoiling.

One of our most popular choices is our Wireless Temperature and Humidity Recorder.

As well as allowing for remote monitoring (no need to risk a journey into the cellar) it also logs 3000 sets of data which can be viewed on a PC for detailed analysis. Being wireless also proves to be more effective – if you can read the readings from the comfort of upstairs you are more likely to keep a closer track in what is happening.

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