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Stormhoek Wines – Unlike no Other

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Garech Byrne is like no other in the wine industry. In a good way. No bow tie (not even a tie), no PowerPoint presentations and no statistics to prove the average wine drinker in the UK will consume 3000 bottles of his wines per week.

Even their website is unconventional A wine blog set up to create a wine influenced by consumers. No statistics on harvest percentages, acidity values. Just the simple approach of fans writing about their experiences of Stormhoek.

Amazingly, this is not all style and no substance. The Stormhoek Siren wines (featuring a Sauvignon Blanc and Pinotage) are stunning examples of their type. Their quality comes in part from the influences of Alain Mouiex (joint owner of the fabulously expensive Petrus) and flying winemaker Florent Dumeau using their own grapes.

Single varietals bottled in tall, chic clear bottles with simple, elegant labels all help towards the Stormhoek Siren philosophy “wine as an object of beauty”. A raft of industry awards (IWSC Pinotage Trophy, Decanter Silver Medal amongst others) proves this unconventional approach to wine is working.

The back labels on the bottles feature a “Freshness Indicator”. A fantastically simple idea that work. A simple time line showing when the wine will start to drink and when it will start to become tired. Taking the guesswork out of when to drink your wines.

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