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Forge Laguiole Corkscrews

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The home of the corkscrew is without doubt Laguiole from the village of Thiers, France.

Several specialist manufacture Laguiole corkscrews but the crown-king is Forge Laguiole. The level of craftsmanship which goes into each corkscrew is phenomenal. There is no wonder why these have achieved cult status amongst aficionados the world over.

The main quality criteria of local craftsmanship :

* Individually hardened by hand
* Shaping and fitting are done by hand and to the craftsman’s eye.
* Each knife is assembled from start to finish in one sequence and by a single craftsman
* Hand decoration of the blade and spring

Fitting, assembly and finishing process :

After a rigorous quality control of parts created at the forges, the cutler begins the hand assembly and shaping of the knife. He will mark the end of his work by cutting a pattern into the hilt of the blade. Each knife is assembled entirely by hand in the Laguiole Origin area by a single master craftsman, in the pure Laguiole tradition.

The handles were historically bone or horn. Forge Laguiole now also use a range of selected natural materials (Rosewood, Olivewood and Juniper Wood for example). The solid horn tips provide a finer more refined pattern.

Genuine Laguiole corkscrews feature a forged bee welded onto the spring.

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