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Hollick Pinot Noir

australia pinot noir wine

Last week and I selected a bottle of Hollick Pinot Noir from Coonawarra, Australia to buy and try from our range.

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. The wine had been opened some 5 hours previous with half the contents poured – leaving a lot of the wine in contact with the air (this was sealed – a great benefit of screw cap bottles). This allowed the wine to breath undoubtedly helped the wine open up its velvety cherry-like flavours.

There was a real tang of rich, ripe, red fruits on the front of the palate followed by a velvety finish. I enjoyed the first glass so much I poured myself 2 more!

The strong alcohol added to the overall experience and did not overpower the abundance of fruit in the way some Australian wines can. It was the end of a long day but the Hollick more than made up for it.

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