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Wine Decanting Cradles

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Sediment in wines can be a real eye-sore, especially if it makes it from the bottle into your glass. Whilst most wine sediment is not detrimental – decanting is far and away the most sensible solution.

Decanters, filters and funnels are all well and good but as an extra line of defense it is best not to allow the sediment to leave the bottle in the first place. This is where a wine decanting cradle comes into its own. These remove the need for steady hands when decanting your wines.

Simply place the bottle on the cradle and slowly turn the handle to lift the bottle and gently pour the wine into your decanter. The gearing and mechanics ensures a smooth flow of the wine and reduces the risk of disturbing the sediment.

Most hand held decants fail when the bottle is turned upright quickly during the decant to stop the sediment exiting the bottle. This quick movement sets the wine in motion and agitates the sediment (which may have been resting for years in the same position). A mechanical cradle removes any sudden movements… everything is slow and controlled and the act becomes part of the routine of opening your wines (almost to the point of addiction for many of our users.

The integrated candle holder allows the operator to view the sediment flow through the neck of the bottle. This allows for a more precise and controlled decant as the sediment can be seen in the neck before it reaches the opening – thereby reducing the risk of any sediment leaving the bottle.

We now have two type of wine cradles available. The brass decanting cradle is the most popular at £224.99 inc VAT as it conveys a timeless masterpiece of engineering. The silver plated mechanical wine cradle is now available for only £245.00 and makes a great hierloom.

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