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Matt Thompson ties the knot.

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Our Regional Sales Manager Matt Thompson successfully made it down the aisle.. in his own words:

“On 25th of June (bank holiday Sunday) I married my girl friend of 5 years. After a month of stress and anxiousness the day went without a hitch, even my speech when down well, it was fantastic to see all my work mates there cheering me on and buying me plenty of drinks. The weather could have been a little better but I guess that’s when you get for getting married in Chesterfield.

Two days later I swapped the drab Chesterfield climate for a more exotic one as I whisked my wife off to the Island of Karumba in the Maldives. Situated on the equator in the heart of the Indian ocean it was about as far removed as you can get from Chesterfield. After 16 hours of travelling I was swimming with reef sharks and sting rays and lounging about on the kind of beach you normally only see in magazines.

After three weeks off work it was back down to reality with a bump as I landed in Manchester. The sky was grey and it was raining. I’m now back at work in Chesterfield as a married man (sorry Ladies). I have some great memories of both the wedding and the honeymoon as I now look forwards to seeing my work mate John Higgins get married on Saturday the 5th July. I wonder if he will be as nervous as I was?”

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