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Revival of Local Wine Clubs

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Forget the cheesey football, sausages on sticks, perms and big lapels… home-based wine events are definitely on the increase. Gone are the days of 1970’s parties with fondue and Blue Nunn. Todays events are low-key, fun and run with almost military precision.

Why the increase? The economic climate has seen people staying in and cutting down on visits to restaurants. A handful of bottles can be bought for less than £10.00. Considering the diversity of choice now available it is almost impossible to resort to having to taste the same wine twice.

Recent years have seen a steady increase in the UK population drinking and starting to understand wine. We have traditionally been a society of beer drinkers but wine is now readily drunk when dining out and eating at home. It is a natural progression to want to learn more and discover new wines. Inviting friends to share your enthusiasm has seen a resurgence in local wine groups around the country.

How do we know? The humble ISO Wine Tasting Glass is being sold in ever increasing quantities. Sales to residential addresses has doubled in the past 18 months! The ISO glass in its 21.5cl capacity is perfect for home wine tasting events as it can be used for every style of wine and more importantly is affordable (inevitable breakages after a busy night on the Clarets are not as heart breaking than if using a Riedel).

Wine tasting groups are now using the internet to make the events easier to organise and log their tastings. Buying wines online has never been easier, Google Calendar informs people of events and social networking groups are the perfect place for groups to share information, post tasting notes and let members know what is happening.

Ditch the Cortina and flares and grab a laptop and glass – tasting wine has never been so easy and fun.

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