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Matt Thompson – over the hill


With great trepidation I have hit 30 years old this weekend, on the 30th of August. I will be trying to put a brave face on and celebrate in fine style but this may be difficult as I feel over the hill.

I have been constantly checking my hair line for any signs that it may be retreating faster than the British coast line. There isn’t much I can do about hitting the big 30 so I will be out and about having a few drinks this weekend with friends and work mates on the plus side now I am a mature middle aged man this could be a great excuse to drink red wine, and perhaps I may smoke a pipe while wearing slippers. I might even come dressed for work in a tweed suite with brief case.

This may be some kind of mid life crisis but I have noticed I keep putting pens in my shirt pocket like my old school teachers. I’m off to do something sensible.

by Matt Thompson

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