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Camplazens Take-Away

camplazens viognier wine

Another surprise drop in visit on Saturday by my cousins resulted in yet another test for the authors wine cellar and culinary skills… which went as far as dialing for a Chinese meal from the local take-away. I have to admit to feeling hungrier than usual (yes it is possible) so there was a mass of assorted stir-fry food in the middle of the dining table for people to get stuck into.

My usual Sauvignons were rested for a more simpler food so it was left to either a bottle of Domaine Camplazens Viognier from the Languedoc or the Koberner Weisenberg Riesling Kabinett from the Mosel region of Germany.

I was favouring the Riesling I have to admit. I have a secret love for German wines stemming back to when I first joined the company and looking to expand my wine knowledge. Alas my sales pitch failed and the Viognier was opened. I was glad I was swayed.

The wine really stood up very well against the rich, spicy Chinese food. Viognier tends to create strongly textured white wines and the use of the French oak really lifted the wine into the heavy-weight category. Even the crispy beef in Cantonese sauce was duly tamed and excited by the offering.

With no ice to hand the bottle did start to warm over the course of the dinner to a noticeable detriment. This was quickly resolved by a quick blast in the freezer to drop it back to optimum drinking temperature again. I have a bad habit of doing this and typing this has decided for me it is time to find a new ice bucket to chill my wines during meals.

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