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Franken Wines – why don’t they sell

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We have just had a discussion in the office about products which are such good quality but just do not sell that well. We all decided that Franken Wines seem to be at the top of the list.

The quality is beyond reproach, they go perfectly with food and do not suffer the typical German affliction of containing too much sugar. They are dry, balanced and impeccably well behaved. So why don’t they fly off the shelves like iPods at Christmas?

We can only put it down to the bottle shape. The traditional flagon was copied by Mateus Rose and suffers with the association. The bottle shape will also not sit in a standard wine rack or gift bag. That’s it. That is all we could think of… the bottle shape.

Look beyond the bottle and try the wines from Franconia. They are guaranteed to add a new string to your range.

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