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Champagne Marguet – Winemakers Notes

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A note from Benoit Marguet on the latest releases from his estate:

“Since 2002, It is now common to get not exiting summers followed then by sunny warm days in September and October. Once again it happened in 2008 where, after a wet trio of June July and August who turn down the yields due to mildew pressure, September did the great job we all expected earlier with.

Next to non-stop sunny days, we had very cold nights (towards 3°celsius) which preserve high acidity, and no botrytis developments! Sugar level and acidity are as high as in 1996. There’s no doubt it will be a great Vintage in Champagne, in the range of 1988 and 1996. The flavours over the tanks have rarely been so elegant, so we look forward to taste the still wines to confirm.

Champagne Marguet,

Our House recovers 3 hectares more this year from family vineyards , all located in the Grand cru village of Ambonnay. Ambonnay is surely today the most coveted Grand Cru village among the Pinot Noir based ones, and that’s definitely fantastic for us.
In order to hold our level of quality linked to our crafted barrel fermentation, we invest in barrels of the finest grain, much more in the last months.

We shall be releasing later this year or early next year a few more wines:

* Vintage 2003 Rose Grand Cru

* Reserve Grand Cru in Jeroboams (3 liters) and Mathusalems (6 liters).

* Vintage 2000 Grand Cru Cuvee Maxime (special one), named after my son representing the 6th generation and born in 2000.

Not so many Houses do release Vintage Rose, since it is quite difficult to elaborate. I am sure you will enjoy this one, quite spectacular in fruit power. This is our second Vintage Rose, the first one being 1999, and the success of its sales motivated me to continue, when a year is appropriate…”

Benoit Marguet

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