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Wine Tasting Spittoons

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At this time of year we see an increase in invites to trade tastings in readiness for the Christmas push. We are inundated with different wines, Champagnes from the 4 corners of the world. The old question of whether to spit or swallow flies out the window when trying to sample 50 wines in an afternoon – spitting is the only option.

What does amaze me is the lack of proper facilities and spittoons and wine tasting events. Some are beautifully catered for with impressive floor standing models, the only problem is these tend to get over-filled and become a real nuisance to empty.

One of my favourites is the Oeno Spittoon available in a 2 litre capacity (£135.00) and a 4 litre capacity (£144.95). The large Oeno Spittoon being ideal for trade shows, exhibitions and larger wine tasting groups.

The design of the Oeno is simplicity itself. 2 stainless steel hemispheres with a small opening between them. The large top allows for wayward spitters – often on the New World tables with the high alcohol levels numbing the lips. The narrow cinched neck ensures the wine is kept out of sight and helps to minimise unwanted smells. A simple design that just works. What more could you ask for.

The Oeno is a table top / counter top design. This mobility (compared to floor standing spittoons) allows the spittoon to be presented at a reasonable height to the taster – floor standers often require a lot of neck and back bending which can lead to “misses” from the taller tasters in the room! The Oeno can also be placed in the middle of table making it perfect for seated tasting events where the spittoon can be shared.

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