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Fill the glass to the top please!

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The concept isn’t new and we have seen them before but the quality is certainly something to shout about on our new listing for the full bottle of wine glass. We have avoided the crude cheaper versions for some time as the quality of the glass was like drinking from a Pyrex Casserole dish. This glass has all the refinements of a “proper” wine glass … but it just holds more. A lot more.

Full bottle wine glass

Trips back to the kitchen are a thing of the past with the monster glass. Standing a towering 232mm tall (thats about 9″ in old money) this glass will certainly make a statement on any table.

Of course you do not have to fill the glass with a full bottle (and we certainly do not advocate drinking a full bottle in one session) but partially fill and you have yourself a decanter and wine glass rolled into one. The larger area allows red wines to open up and develop. The larger glass area allows for gentle warming of the wine in the glass. Even drinkers with the largest of noses can sniff away with room to spare!

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