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Ferngrove wines from Frankland River

australia ferngrove wine

We have just acquired a small parcel of wine from Ferngrove, Western Australia. What a superb find this has been,

The Ferngrove Symbols Sauvignon Semillon is everything a white from Australia should be. Opening the screwcap (we are seeing more and more of them these days and I have to say it makes trying new wines a breeze – no hunting for corkscrews, no stubborn corks and not floating fragments) the wine was a little too cold from being sat in the warehouse so it was left to warm.

Moving onto the Fergrove Symbol Cabernet Merlot was a delight. The wine started off with very focused fruit aromas when cool in the class. After a quick warm in the hand the wine really opened into a rambling overture of flavours and aromas. Never losing its focus but once allowed to work at optimum temperature it really stepped up a gear and showed its worth. At 13.5% it has enough alcohol to balance the fruit without venturing into the head banging realms of the bigger 14’s that are coming out of Australia at the moment.

Switching back to the Ferngrove Sauvignon Semillon really highlighted just how good a wine this is. Usually moving from red to white is a problem when sampling wines as the red can over power the palate and the nuances in the white can be lost. Not so with the Sauvignon Semillon. The vitality of the citrus fruits really shined through and lifted the wine in a tropical fruit extravaganza.

We were all suitably impressed by this offering from Ferngrove with positive comments from everyone.

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