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Waterstone Bridge Shiraz

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Having decided to stay at home this Christmas Day meant I could enjoy some good wines on the day itself. With no need to drive I could enjoy more than just the usual single glass.. time to select something new and hopefully continue the Christmas cheer.

After much deliberation I opted for the Waterstone Bridge Shiraz from Gapsted Wines, Australia. I confess to a new-found likening for new world Shiraz with lots of big, spicy and fruit forward flavours. I was not disappointed.

At 14% alcohol the weight was easily tempered by the huge amount of black currant fruit on the palate and the slightly caramelised toffee nose. A great big, stonker of a wine that really put a smile on my face. As I was the only person drinking red wine the screw cap made itself useful to save the wine for Boxing Day.

On opening the wine 24 hours later on Boxing Day the drinking experience had changed. Probably due to the additional air to wine contact in the bottle and the fact it had be opened and poured (aerating the wine when pouring previously) … the wine now showed a greater balance and modesty than before. The strong fruit flavours were still very much evident but the overall attack from the alcohol was moderated and refined. Amazing what can happen overnight to a bottle of red wine.

I will certainly be drinking this wine again. It has everything to enjoy that the best of Australian Shiraz has to offer and at under £10.00 for the bottle it is sensibly priced. Waterstone Bridge also produce a Tarrango which looks very interesting and worthy of further investigations.

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