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Spiegelau Wine Glasses

accessories spiegelau wine glasses

With the range of Ravenscroft glasses no longer available we have replaced them with various ranges from Spiegelau. As one of the worlds best known producers of wine glasses the quality and range of styles is stunning.

Drinking from a nice quality glass, without doubt, enhances your enjoyment of the wine. Things to check when choosing a wine glasses :

  • rimless – inferior glasses often feature a thick lip to the rim
  • balance – the glass should feel well proportioned in the hand
  • clarity – crystal clear glass to see the true colour of the wine
  • capacity – the bowl should be half full on red & white wine glasses
  • mouthfeel – it should “taste” right when against the lips

A Spiegelau wine glass will afford years of enjoyment (so long as you don’t break them!) and drinking pleasure. If you entertain on a regular basis it is always worth buying a few spares when you find a glass you like as getting replacements in a few years time may prove tricky.

One of my favourites is the Spiegelau Festival Red wine glass. This is a great all rounder and for the quality is excellent value.

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