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Matts choice for 2009

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No sooner had I uploaded the previous post then Matt’s email landed with his entry – cheers for making it a same day reply to my request… have a gold star :)

“I chose this wine as the Carr Taylor family where amongst some of the pioneers of English wine. English wine has long been criticised for its high acidity this can be a problem in still wines but high acidity makes for great sparking wine and this is where the English are beginning to excel. “

“Situated right down in the South near Hastings the area shares the same chalk soils as the Champagne region and with its ever increasingly warm climate the French might describe this area as “tres bon terroir”.”

“It has been rumoured that some of the great French Champagne houses are investing heavily in land in the South of England and are beginning to experiment with wines. Although this is rumour it is certain that we have the climate, the soil and the expertise to produce great sparkling wines in this country the Carr Taylor sparkling Brut is one example of this. “

“I personally believe English sparkling wines will be the next big thing, they have already gained great recognition in the wine world and when pitted against long established Champagne house in blind tasting they have come up on top. As the climate warms and the English gain more and more experience in wine making things can only get better and better. Could we be beating the French at their own game? I suggest you try it and judge for yourself”

Matt Thompson is Retail Sales Manager for Barrels & Bottle

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