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Steak Pie and Green Beans

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Last night saw a home-made steak pie served with green beans. Just what was needed after a snow laden drive home – which make me wonder as the snow has melted will it be a salad tonight? Anyways, in the mood for a glass of wine what to serve.

The cellar was somewhat bare and a real dilemma ensued. Following the house move and then Christmas restocking has taken a back seat. The only sensible choices were (discounting the vintage stuff, Champagnes etc) :

* a very dodgy looking Muscadet which I have no idea where it came from – probably a Christmas gift from someone!
* Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru
* Chateau Dallau Bordeaux Superieur
* Murphys Shiraz, Australia

The obvious choice would have been the Murphy’s Shiraz. But should I open this with steak pie as it may come to better use (by itself on a Saturday evening) later on. The Muscadet was a suspicious shade of brown and by the state of the label it just did not look appealing enough to waste energy opening.

In the end it was the claret whose fate lay in the glasses. The glasses were bought for Christmas but never made it out of the box – preferring instead to use the odd mis-matched collection on the guests at Christmas.

The Dallau was a worthy choice. An older 2001 vintage, this drank far above its station as a base level Bordeaux red. Gone had the roughness of the tannins and in its place layered stewed blackcurrants and plums. This sat perfectly with the steak and the rich gravy. The non red wine drinkers managed to polish off their glasses without the usual whimpers at tannic clarets.

This was a call to get some easier drinking and all round wine stocked for such situations. Being left with Hobsons choice is no choice at all and I certainly wont be opening the Muscadet in a hurry just yet.

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