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Le Creuset range now online

Cooking le creuset

Le Creuset – everyone knows it – the bright orange pots and pans that weighs more than your cooker and will outlast your granite worktops. The name “Le Creuset” is a large cauldron used in the pouring of molten iron… perfectly describing these hand-finished cast iron range of cookware. Le Creuset was traditionally orange in colour but is now available in a range of colours to compliment your kitchen environment.

Le Cresuet onlineWe have sold their range in-store for a while but are pleased to present the range the Le Creuset range for purchase online.

The Le Creuset MultiMats are a personal favourite – these are very tactile, they just feel great in your hands – oh and they protect work surfaces from hot pans as well!

I have my eye on the grillet – as we are spending more time eating at home and with a love of fried chicken we need to reduce the fat intake… I am sure my 8 year old son would appreciate the long term heirloom investment rather than a PlayStation 3!

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