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Chateau de la Selve

chateau de la selve france wine

We have just tasted a range of wines from Chateau de la Selve, France. It is not often we are all in agreement about the quality of wines in a range and more so on the quality of the whole estate. What makes Chateau de la Selve more impressive is the age of the winery and the makers. In only a few years they have transformed the winery and are producing stunningly rounded wines.

Chateau de la Selve

We will be shipping these wines in the coming weeks but as a precursor a few details on this little known estate:

Chateau de la Selve was originally a fort house on the borders of the Empire and the Kingdom of France. It then became the hunting lodge of a notorious family of the Vivarais: the Dukes de Joyeuse, before it was finally transformed as centuries went by into a farm.

Dating back to the XIIIth century, its architecture is typical of the fort houses or castles in the Bas-Vivarais. Built on the banks of the Chassezac, main affluent of the Ardèche, it benefits from an extraordinary and protected environment.

To the sound of the cicadas, the Mediterranean sun shines on the olive trees, the green oaks and the garigue of Ardèche. In the southern Ardèche, the vine rules since the Roman era.

Vines at Chateau de la Selve

The Chateau de la Selve is a family estate which covers 32 hectares of various red (Syrah, Cabernet, Merlot, Grenache, Cinsault) and one white (Viognier) grape varieties. The vineyards are 30 years old in average and they grow on clayish-calcareous slope soils.

The range of wines at Chateau de la Selve includes:

Serre de Berty
Cuvee Maguelonne
Saint Régis

Awards for Serre de Berty

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