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Glyndwr Vineyard Update

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“The long winter pruning is finally over, but the threat of frosts persists. In fact we have experienced more frosty nights at Glyndwr vineyard this winter and Spring than for many a year. Budburst is delayed, which is probably just as well.

We had our first wine tour of the season, which happened to be a Hen Party from Hampshire. This was a very lively affair and made this vineyard owner feel a great deal more enthusiastic and energetic about viticulture!

Sales have been sluggish as the recession continues to worsen. Several of our restaurant and hotel customers have gone into receivership. The Chancellor has continued to make our wine more expensive by raising excise duty for the third time in twelve months. However, there are other opportunities in all the gloom; exporting to our continental neighbours has become more attractive, with their low tax rates on alcohol and the considerable devaluation of the pound. Glyndwr wines are now to be found in Amsterdam.

April and May are the only two months of the year when I am in charge of the vineyard as I wait for it to spring into growth. The other ten months I play catchup!”

Richard Norris is our man at the front line of winemaking at Glyndwr Vineyards

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