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Chateau Camplazens updates

chateau camplazens france langudoc rousillon wine

Château Camplazens was awarded two gold medals in international competitions this year

Premium 2007 – Gold Medal in the Decanter World Wine Awards
La Garrigue 2007 – Gold Medal in the International Wine challenge, the IWC.

These awards continue the recognition of the quality of the wines from Château Camplazens in international competitions and follow the Southern French Red Trophy for the Premium 2006 in last years IWC and the Languedoc Roussillon Trophy for La Garrigue 2004 also from the IWC in 2007 .

LA Clape is now officially an Appellation d’Origine Controllee

On 29th May 2009 the Standing Committee of the Institution National des Appellations d’Origine, in Paris, the INAO, unanimously approved the application which had been submitted by the Syndicat des Producteurs de La Clape for AOC status. La Clape is now formally recognized as being a geographically defined wine producing area of specific identity and character.

The INAO was created in 1935 as part of the French Ministry of Agriculture, the Chambre d’Agriculture with powers to administer and adjudicate the standards of winemaking in defined geographical areas. It regulates the use of noteworthy place names and product labeling to ensure proper identification of the wine with its provenance.

La Clape which literally means “Limestone Mountain” in the “Languedoc” – the ancient language of the South of France is a limestone mountain situated between Narbonne and the coast. Chateau Camplazens lies at its heart on the site of an Ancient Roman Settlement at an elevation of 500 feet above the Mediterranean Sea.

Camplazens is recognized on La Clape for exceptional “Terroir”

Château Camplazens is situated on one of the table-top plateaux of La Clape consisting of Mediterranean red soils with a sandy/silt/clay texture on a base of limestone. In 1993 a study of the potential to grow quality grapes on La Clape by the French Ministry of Agriculture reached the following conclusion.

“From a geological perspective, the soils of Camplazens are very different from
the other areas on La Clape. Moreover the expected yields are much lower, in other words that is to say un grand terroir. The potential of the areas of the vineyard which can be cultivated is considerable”

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