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Mud House Pinot Noir – cherries in a glass

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Over the past 3 days I have been enjoying the delights of Mud House Pinot Noir from New Zealand (£8.96) and relished every glass.

Saturday : the wine was opened at cellar (well… pantry) temperature and half a large glass poured. The nose hit straight away of good alcohol and warm cherry pie. The palate was smooth and rich in light mineral textures but with a good lip-smacking tang. A good start for a wine with no special preparation.

Sunday : out of curiosity I placed the opened bottle (screw cap duly in place) into the refrigerator Saturday and let it chill for almost 24 hours. This has the usual effect of closing the wine down a touch with the nose becoming less prominent BUT the taste improved slightly. The textures were softer and the flavours turned towards black cherry and a more caramelised / stewed character. This glass was drunk without food and I thoroughly enjoyed every sip.

Monday : leaving the bottle in the fridge the next installment was taken with a home-made Chicken stir fry. Now this usually demands an aromatic white (viognier / gewurztraminer for example) so was keen to see if the fruit and the alcohol would stand up. It did! The sweetness from the fruits really held and complimented the slight spices in the food and really lighted each other. As the glass warmed at the table the aromas developed and could be smelled above the food.

As a fan of New World Merlot I tend to stay away from Pinot Noir due to cost and the range of styles (good and poor) they can produce. I have to admit to being a bit of a convert with the first bottle. I still have a glass left and I am genuinely looking forward to finishing this off. The Mud House Pinot Noir is a superb wine, enjoyable by itself and with food and one for the shopping list. Highly recommended.

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