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Loopy Fudge now in store

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Why is it every time I go on a purge to lose weight and cut back on the calorie intake (not quite up to admitting it is a diet just yet) we stock something lip-smackingly addictive.

We have just taken delivery of a range of hand-made fudge by Loopy Lisa. Of course in the interest of product knowledge and to help with customer service they had to be tasted. Oh hey! Look up “melt in the mouth” in a dictionary and it will mention Loopy Lisa’s Fudge.

Loopy Lisa fudge in Chesterfield

The secret – other than being made by hand by a committed Fudgeologist (I just made that up) – is the use of real chunks of the finest ingredients … you can see the raspberries in the raspberry fudge. As a bit of a Fudgeist (OK – I made that up as well) plain vanilla is the benchmark for any producer. The vanilla by Loopy Lisa is stunning, sweet, soft, crumbly and a heady flavour of vanilla tripping around your mouth. Made with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract her fudge won the Gold Medal at the Great Taste Awards.

At only £2.50 per bag there is no reason not to indulge your taste buds and try out a couple of flavours. Gather a few like-minded friends and taste your way through to find your favourite.

Loopy Lisa’s fudge is available in our cookware shop at Sheepbridge, Chesterfield.

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