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England v Wales Wine Tasting

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England V’s Wales Wine Tasting 16th July by Matt Thompson.

A smaller than usual turn out was expected at the England V’s Wales tasting as I believe many people have perceived misconceptions about wine production in the UK. Those who did attend , attended one of the most interesting wine tasting we have ever played host to. Customers and those in the trade where all going to learn something from the nights proceedings and I congratulate those who where willing to broaden their wine knowledge and palate.

The line up of wine where as follows :

1. Three Choirs, Classic Sparkling Cuvee

2. Glyndwr, Sparkling Rose
Vale of Glamorgan

3. South Ridge, Cuvee Merret

4. Glyndwr, Medium dry white
Vale of Glamorgan

5. Carr Taylor, Alexis

6. Glyndwr, Dry Aromatic
Vale of Glamorgan

7. Coddington, Bacchus

8. Glyndwr, Red
Vale of Glamorgan

This comprehensive line up included wine with grape varieties such as Rondo, Seyval Blanc, Madeleine Angevine and Triomphe d’ Alsace. This was a real eye opener for many attending the tasting as they hadn’t even heard of many of the grape varieties let alone tasted their characteristics.

As expected the sparkling wine really toped the bill with everyone agreeing the Three Choirs classic cuvee really is a very good alternative sparkling wine and great value to boot. The Glyndwr & South Ridge sparklers proving to be very serious competitors towards Champagne.

As far as the still wines when I think we where all in agreement that the English & Welsh are still some way behind the rest of Europe but what we can produce in this country is “different”. Many of the wine splitting opinion between love and hate. Take for example the Carr Taylor Alexis a wine made up from a blend of Reichensteiner & Bacchus, this wine displayed characteristics usually shown in sweet wine but yet some how managed to remain off dry with a lovely honeyed flavour, I have never tasted anything like this and I personally loved it.

The only red of the night was offered from the Glyndwr vineyard in the Vale of Glamorgan consisting of a blend between Rondo & Triomphe d’ Alsace and while this wine was not offensive it did show up the problems we have in this country trying to produce quality red grapes. Although balanced , for me it just didn’t have enough of everything , fruit, tannin acidity and alcohol. This can only be blamed on out climate and shows that our wine making techniques are becoming recognised.

To summaries I would say this tasting was of utmost interest with guest speaker Dr Nigel Hitchin providing the nights informative speech. Dr Hitchin is a local wine expert who holds particular great knowledge in the production of UK wine. In my opinion this was a great tasting I had the chance to taste some pretty rare grape varieties and it is evident that the UK wine scene is just getting better and better. The real champions are the sparkling wines. Give it time and we will become a major wine force in Europe.

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