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Wines for Late Summer

camplazens radio sheffield rose von schleinitz wine

Andrew Coghlan hosted the BBC Radio Sheffield mid morning wine programme with Gareth Evans, when they tasted wines for the late summer.

Gareth was particularly impressed with the Chateau Camplazens Syrah, 13%abv, with black pepper and distinct spiced aromas on the nose and a rich and warming aftertaste. Gareth thought the wine would go exceptionally well with cheeses and then revised it to say it was heavy enough to go with proper meats, steaks and even Venison.

The Von Schleinitz 2008 Pinot Noir Rose from the Mosel Valley was a real hit with Gareth as well. 12% abv was deceptive and it even made Andrew’s cheeks glow a little at this early hour.

Ripe berries and red fruits on the nose yet deceptively dry on the taste buds. Good rich feel and long finish. Gareth thought it would go very well with barbecue foods or anything! although he said it didn’t taste as fruity as its smell.

Both wines were a hit and are available for listeners to taste at the showroom in Sheepbridge over the next few days. [and to buy online. Ed.]

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