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UK stockists of Le Nez du Vin

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We are please to announce Barrels & Bottles have been appointed stockists for the Le Nez du Vin range of wine tasting aroma kits.

Le Nez du Vin aroma sets

Do you wonder how wine experts can smell caremelised toffee in a a Shiraz and spot a Chardonnay from just a single sniff? It is all about associating specific aromas with a particular grape variety. If you are unable to get hold of “Cut Hay” or “Blackcurrant Bud” then Le Nez du Vin is for you. The collection includes small bottles featuring the aromas for all the mains grape varieties around the world.

With the aid of the booklet you can learn what to look for in the aroma and with which wines it is associated. Once you learn the smell you can pick it out from a real bottle of wine with consummate ease. We guarantee you will never declare a Chardonnay as a Shiraz ever again.

With prices ranging from only £27.99 for the 6 bottle aroma Le Nez du Vin to the stunning 54 aroma Le Nez du Vin at £259.99 there is a set for all levels of wine knowledge and interest.

These are the genuine English language versions of the Le Nez du Vin by creator Jean Lenoir.

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