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Cooking with Pork

cookery school Cooking pork

Demonstrating recipes from Liz McClarnon’s Autumn Collection recipe brochure, Liz and the team showed just how versatile and tasty pork can be when cooked properly. Recipes demonstrated included the Rolled Shoulder of Pork Stuffed with Pork Sausage, Plums and Rosemary; Spicy Pork Pumpkin curry; Mini Pork and Pear Pies; Pork Belly with Plums and Cinnamon and Pork Chops with Bramley Apple and Cheddar Cheese.

Pork is possibly the most versatile of meats because it comes in a variety of different cuts – many of them relatively inexpensive. What’s more, by buying Quality Standard pork you can guarantee quality and provenance. And as Pork is still the best value of all the red meats by combining it with fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables you will not only taste the benefits, but notice them at the checkout too.

Liz McClarnon commented: “Since working with Love Pork I have learnt a lot – the first thing being just how easy pork is to cook. In a nutshell that simply means don’t overcook it! Once I had got the basics sorted it was more a question of ‘what can you do with pork, what does it go well with?’ The answer seems to be just about everything!

“Like many people I want my food to be as fresh as possible. From talking to the Chefs I’ve worked with during and since Celebrity Masterchef using seasonal ingredients is the best place to start. Luckily pork works really well with most of the fruit and vegetables in season in Britain right now. It made developing recipes a breeze.”

Celebrity Masterchef winner, Liz McClarnon, cooked up at storm at the Coghlans School of Cookery in Chesterfield today as part of a nationwide campaign to teach the nation to cook pork properly. As part of the ‘Love Pork Properly Tour’ of the country, locals won the chance to attend money can’t buy private cookery demonstration with Liz and the experts from Love Pork.

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