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Pertaringa wines from Australia

australia pertaringa wine

Pertaringa WinesIt is not often we are all bowled over by all the wines from a single vineyard but last week saw all 5 of us unanimously agree to stock the range of Pertaringa wines from McLaren Vale.

The appearance of a pure Grenache was a welcomed change to the ubiquitous Shiraz offerings. This drew memories of the Bethany Grenache we imported some 13 years ago. With the rise in popularity of Shiraz a lot of the Grenache vines were removed. Things are starting to swing back in favour of single varietal Grenache wines from Australia. If you have yet to try a pure Grenache the best way to describe the Pertaringa Two Gentlemans Grenache is “a Shiraz with more fruit”. Yes. A Shiraz with more fruit! It is possible, the glass brims with dark berry fruits and a heady alcohol content.

The Pertaringa Over the Top Shiraz is a hedonistic display of winemaking at it’s very best. The depth, weight and nuances of this wine are layered, complex and invite you into a labyrinth of taste and discovery. That may sound like it was written after a few glasses of the 14.5% wine but I am as sober as a judge. It is an incredible wine and fully deserves the flowery waffle.

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