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Jean Christophe Nouvelli at Coghlans

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Coghlans cookery school recently hosted Jean Christophe Novelli for a Carlsberg event entitled Probably the best barbecue. JCN breezed in to the Chesterfield venue with cookery school assistant Steven Kitchen to teach and assess 20 of Carlsberg’s top landlords and chefs, with the winner of the cookery competition receiving Jean Christophe Novelli to cook on their premises for a day.

Jean Christophe Nouvelli
Entrants came from far and wide across the Northern region and were excited by the prospect of both meeting their food hero and cooking with him.

Jean Christophe did not disappoint. He started with a demonstration of his dish, Scallops with Chorizo and a tomato dressing, served in their Shell.

JCN demonstrated the dish first whilst chefs gathered round and hung on his every word. He showed how to open the special Orkney Scallops in their shell that Coghlans had flown down for the event, cleaning them, preparing the dressing, testing seasoning and finally baking the completed dish.

The ingredients procured were of the highest quality and the chefs used everything at their disposal to impress JCN.

Finally came the judging. Not a five minute gloss over by Jean Christophe, but a detailed assessment of each team of Chefs, their good and bad points, their tidiness, flavour and presentation, whioch all added up to his decision some 60 minutes later of the winners from Halifax West Yorkshire.

Jean Chrsitophe spent time talking individually to each Chef, signed copies of his latest book and even recounted some stories of his great and late friend Keith Floyd who passed away quite recently. In fact JCN also brought along Keith’s assistant, Tony, who had only returned from France the day before after Keith’s untimely death.

Carlsberg hailed the day a tremendous success, with the Coghlans Venue giving the space and comfort for the 20 finalists to cook simultaneously.

Chefs were able to reflect on their success and failures and think maybe next year when Jean Christophe Novelli returns to do it all again!

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