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Wine label remover and storage

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We last saw the wine label remover about 9 years ago in a basic form. We are pleased to say after a a lot of investment and development the product is now a stunning piece of kit.

The concept is as simple as it is ingenious. Wine is as much about collecting and memorable experiences as it is about drinking the content. Imagine the scenario – you have been years watching the dust collect on your bottle of 1961 Chateau Mouton Rothschild. Carefully monitoring the humidity, storing on its side and counting the months until it is ready to be opened.

The day comes. You have invited a select few friends, brought the wine up from the cellar and carefully decanted. The wine is a joy, exceeding all expectations and worth all £500.00 you paid for it. Now what? The wine has gone and you are left with an empty bottle occupying a space in your rack.

The wine journal label remover allows you to save the memories for posterity…. the label and tasting notes can be archived for future reference.

Wine label remover and keeper

The system is superb – simply apply the sticky label to the bottle label and peel away. The wine label comes away and then is placed onto the page in the wine journal. Space is provide for you to enter your own tasting notes.

The journal also features notes on the most popular grape varieties and a cunning taste wheel to help in the description of your wines.

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