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Food Foraging – cheaper than the supermarkets!

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Our recent foraging day with TV expert Miles Irving proved to be a fantastic success with everyone amazed at the wealth of edible foods found alongside seemingly barren paths and hedgerows.

Anne Coghlan had this to say about the days experience:

“I found it very interesting to hear Miles explain the different types of plants and how to recognise them easily by grouping them together into types. The Carrot family – which have umbrella like flowers – such as wild chervil and wild carrot belong to this, but watch out – some plants are poisonous! Plants of the Cabbage family (also called the mustard family) is probably most often found. Their characteristic “Cross shaped” flowers are easily remembered and Horseradish, Mustard and Bitter Cress belong here. We collected a lot of “dead nettles” so called because they don’t sting!! and stinging nettles, for which Simon had a lovely recipe. He made a separate soup from each and the recipes are worth noting down.

Foraging for wild foods

“Plantain is ideal for insect stings and scratches as well as salad. Hawthorn berries are full of pectin , the young leaves are used for salad and the Hawthorn blossom made into a jelly to accompany red meat. Also good as a Heart tonic and for lowering blood pressure!

“Simon made a delicious Panacotta pudding with crushed Hogweed seeds, garnished with stewed apple and elderberries. Delicious!”

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