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Glyndwr wines harvest report

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The 2009 harvest at Glyndwr Vineyards in Wales was left very late in the hope to increase sugar levels and reduce acidity for a more balanced wine. Harvesting took place on 26th & 27th October with some 10 tons of grapes retrieved. This should be enough for around 10,000 bottles which is a significant improvement on the 2007 & 2008 vintages.

The wines will sit in American Oak barrels with bottling of the whites in May and the red towards the end of Summer depending on their development. The sparkling Glyndwr will be ready for disgorgement in 2013 making for a very long-term investment.

Unfortunately the aromatic grapes again failed to yield any crop. The winemaker is considering the future of this grape and the unhappy prospect of grubbing them up and planting a more hardy variety from Alsace.

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