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Recipe for perfect Yorkshire Puddings

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A fail safe recipe for Yorkshire Puddings:

3 free range eggs
125 gm plain flour
330mls semi skimmed milk
Dash of nutmeg
Pinch of salt


Crack the eggs into a bowl add flour salt and nutmeg and make into a smooth paste by gradually adding the milk. Mix well.Place the mixture into the fridge overnight or for at least a few hours

Pre heat oven to the highest setting. Put a little Olive Oil into the Yorkshire pudding tins and place in oven till very hot. Remove Yorkshire Pudding mix from fridge and beat well with hand whisk.

Pour over oil into the dishes until each well is filled 3/4 full. Place in Oven and leave in until the puddings have risen and are Golden Brown. Then turn the oven down to 150 degrees c and leave for another 10 minutes or so until crisp

Serve with Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Parsnips with honey and glazed carrots.

Recipe for Yorkshire Pudding
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