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Bethany wine is back in store

australia grenache shiraz wine

When I first joined Barrels & Bottles some 16 years ago we were co-importing a range of wines from the Barossa Valley in Australia called Bethany. With monster alcohol levels and more fruit than a greengrocers these wines were ahead of their time. If I close my eyes I can still taste the Bethany Grenache – I wuold like to think it is the same glass with a 15 year finish but it most probably my memory circuits working over time.

Due to other brand commitments we unfortunately had to drop the brand. This was a shame and lamented by many. After a 14 year absence I am over the moon that we have taken a small parcel of the Bethany Shiraz and the legendary Bethany Grenache. Upon tasting the Grenache all the memories came flooding back – much like hearing an old song from your childhood.

These will be appearing on the website shortly but are available in limited quantities – especially when I buy a couple of bottles!

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