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Shallot and goats cheese tart tatin

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Our recipe for shallot and goats cheese tart tatin:

12 to 14 shallots
25gm butter
1 dessert spoon vegetable oil
200gm puff pastry
180gm Goats cheese

Peel the shallots and cut in half, heat up a pan and add the butter and oil, then the shallots with salt and pepper. Colour the shallots until brown.

Roll out the pastry slightly larger than the dish and place on top of the shallots with the edges folded down the sides of the pan.

Put in pre-heated oven at 200 degrees c for 20 minutes remove from the oven and rest for 2 to 3 minutes.

To remove from the pan place a large plate over the top of the tart tatin dish and flip over so the shallots are on the top.

Crumble on the goats cheese and glaze under the grill

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