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Chesterfield Pancake Race

Cooking pancake race

Team Coghlans captured before the race and before turning bright red. Rumours of our team using Rangemaster omelette pans and the other teams being given cast iron Le Creuset frying pans were sour grapes.

Team Gilders were all smiles before they saw the length of the course and the steep incline up Bridge Way.

Team TSG in confident mood.

Team “Mancake” sponsored by Battleship Grey.

Team Cavendish brought along a ringer with more energy that the rest of them put together.

We will soon wipe the smile from their faces when they receive their instructions.

Paying close attention to the instructions – told you the smiles would go!

Making the pancake was the key stage – cook too quickly and you would be out first but it would disintegrate mid race – cook it too long and you would be last out but it would stand the course. Team tactics were in much debate.

Gilders Financial Director Peter Williams sets off at a blistering pace.

Russell Housley ran 2nd leg for Team Coghlans caught mid-air and not even out of breath!

Team TSG makes it up the deceptively steep stretch of road and still managing to smile.

The 3rd leg for Team Cavendish convinced the others that running downhill was definitely more difficult.

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