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Easter Egg Rescue

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Just a brief story from the Daffodil ball that David Fyfe ran at Baldwins on Saturday.

Traditionally they have had a large Easter Egg delivered via Frank Miller but this occasion they were unable to obtain one so on Thursday I got a call from David asking if we could help.

Janet and Simon set to making an egg that has traditionally raised several thousand pounds in David Baldwin’s auction with just 24 hours until the event, so called in a ringer from HB Ingredients, David Brearley to help. David was Barry Colenso’s right hand man at Thorntons and up he came on Friday with a 3 foot mould to make the egg.

Work went on into the night and by 9pm on Friday the first half had been made and the second half was in production to be turned out overnight.

On Saturday morning it was a job to put the whole thing together weighing in at over 20 Kilos, plus a plinth setting to stand it on like a giant rugby ball waiting for a conversion kick.

Then came the transportation of the egg to Baldwins from the cookery school at Sheepbridge! Anyway the long and short is that it got to Baldwins in time and it raised nearly £2000 out of a total raised of somewhere around £30000 for the Children’s hospital (according to David Fyfe’s figures!)

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