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A pint of Guinness

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Easter Sunday saw us invited to a rather posh Hotel & Spa in the middle of the “Cheshire set”. Unfamiliar with the local beers and not fancying the wines by the glass I fell back on the old faithful pint of Guinness. Guinness is pretty much universal wherever it is served and the hostelry has to go out of their way to spoil it.

Having not had a pint of the black stuff in about 10 years I thoroughly enjoyed it. Heavy to start with but the taste buds soon adapted and it was highly appreciated – served cold it was a treat in the busy restaurant.

When I first joined Barrels & Bottles we shipped the John Martins Guinness (brewed in Ireland – bottled in Belgium) by the pallet load. At 8% and in 33cl bottles this was a serious drink to tackle. Rich, creamy and very involved. You could almost eat the stuff it was that rich.

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